About Us


About Us

Youth Anti-Corruption Society (YAS) is a non-governmental organisation that operates in Nigeria. The organisation was founded in 2017 by Mr. Davidson O. F. Okhuoya and was later registered in 2018. The organisation focus on youths and was established to complement the efforts of the government and concern itself with four major issues which are corruption, crimes, violence and productivity. As an establishment that is eager and dedicated to the promotion of creativity, peace, security, transparency and good governance, we engage ourselves in activities that would bring about an end to looting of public funds, bad governance, terrorism, cyber-crime, unemployment and other related vices which have results in fear and discomfort of persons living in Nigeria.
In YAS, we build a community of youths and ensure their involvement in eliminating corruption, crimes and all forms of violence in Nigeria. Through positive impacts, we promote integrity and encourage productivity through creativity and entrepreneurship.

Mission Statement

To organise, educate and empower the youths to live a life free of corruption, crime and violence.


To help the government create a nation where every youth exhibit zero tolerance for corruption and promote a crime, violence free and productive environment.

Mission OF Organisation

To Champion the course of reducing corruption, crime and violence in the Society to the barest minimum and impact the youths positively to be able to achieve higher level of integrity as well as to promote involvement of the youths in economic growth and development.

Our Objectives

The organisation aims at achieving the following objectives
  • To educate the youths and the general public on the effects of corruption
  • To create a network of youths with integrity (Integrity web)
  • To Provide legal support/backup for youths (ANCO Insurance) who will be willing to shun corruption.
  • To instill greater economic loyalty into the youths
  • To promote peace and unity among the youths
  • To assist registered youths to gain easy access to economic and social empowerment.
  • Getting involved and promoting lawful activities that would reduce youths involvement in crime and violence.
  • Promoting youths’ productivity.

Our Goal

To help create a society where every young Nigerian can imbibe the culture of living a corrupt free life and are able to put it into practice without any fear or favour.
To promote social and economic development through increased youths engagement in entrepreneurship.

Our Value

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Productivity
  • Loyalty


"Unity for power and power for service"